Repost of image from WUWT John B Toronto

This is a repost of the graph image from John B from Toronto that is on the WUWT website.  Link: An interesting and unique graph that ties ENSO, global temperature and other climate variables together I hope I do not offend anyone by reposting it here in a way that makes it some what more easily […]

Good News for Andy Johnson in his battle with the EPA!

Original post is here: EPA vs Andy Johnson, Typical Government Agency Overreach? For a change, in the confrontation with a draconian government agency, there is good news for the little guy.  In a press release from the Pacific Legal Foundation dated May 9th 2016, it is reported that an agreement has been reached in which: […]

The cultural aspects of Climate Change followers.

I do not understand people. I am autistic. The second statement, to some extent, explains the first. My autism diagnosis is a late life discovery. [As it happens, I am HFA (High Functioning Autistic) which explains how I have been able to function within society for my lifetime of sixty years.] For a number of […]

Climate Change: Taking up all the morphology of the lemming myth

I do not know who to credit for this.  I found it here:   Lemmings Lemmings are small rodents who have been known to follow each other as they charge to their deaths into raging rivers or off of cliffs. Lemminghood is an innate psychological phenomenon, present in most mammals and observable in common […]

The denigration of Anthropogenesis

AGW.  Anthropogenic Global Warming.  ACC.  Anthropogenic Climate Change.  Anthropogenic ANYTHING.  I have discovered it is interesting to look up the word Anthropogenic on the web and see what you find. Now, to me, based around the portion ANTHROPO, I would expect it to mean to be related to human or humans.  After all, Anthropology is […]

Base Esperanza, Antarctic Peninsula: An Adiabatic high for March 24, 2015?

Perhaps those who do not know the difference between a weather related effect and their … err … hip pocket should refrain from crowing too loudly: Of course it is trumpeted that this is due to global warming.  Well, let us do a bit of reality checking on this. First of all where is […]

Final update to a couple of graphs showing a lack of local warming

Since we are now into January, I can finish my series of graphs.  Now is this proof that global warming is not occurring?  Of course not. At this point in time, I am not sure it can be proven either way; at least not in any absolute manner.  There are too many groups with too […]

Additions to Climate Change Dictionary

I have added the following items to the Climate Dictionary : Nazca Lines Desecration = An “Activist Stunt” promulgated through the arrogance of Greenpeace whose members, in effect, defecated upon a site that is a national treasure of the peoples of the nation of Peru and the world. Greenpeace = An eco-terrorist organization whose demonstrable […]


Is it not sad that zealotry can destroy in an instant what belief and faith have preserved for millennia? Remember that quote from Paul Watson of Greenpeace:  “It doesn’t matter what is true, it only matters what people believe is true.” Perhaps what he should have thought about is: “It is the certainty that they […]