Final update to a couple of graphs showing a lack of local warming

Since we are now into January, I can finish my series of graphs.  Now is this proof that global warming is not occurring?  Of course not. At this point in time, I am not sure it can be proven either way; at least not in any absolute manner.  There are too many groups with too […]

Another Localized Chart about warming temps

There is such an uproar about 2014 being a hot year.  Well, we’ll see, but I don’t really think so. I have put together a chart that uses data from NCDIC and RSS for the Continental US.  The data I have is both anomaly data, with the RSS downloaded from here: I just set […]

Why I distrust using data only to prove a point.

In the global warming fiasco wars, there is so cotton picking much emphasis placed on trends. Headlines yell about how the temperature these days is so much warmer and how if this keeps up we are all gonna fry. Let me see if I can show you why I am so skeptical of these claims. […]