Good News for Andy Johnson in his battle with the EPA!

Original post is here: EPA vs Andy Johnson, Typical Government Agency Overreach? For a change, in the confrontation with a draconian government agency, there is good news for the little guy.  In a press release from the Pacific Legal Foundation dated May 9th 2016, it is reported that an agreement has been reached in which: […]

The Dysfunctional EPA

The EPA should go the way of the Dodo bird. (Right click to enlarge) From the Animas River Spill to the Porn loving employee and the fraudulent (and incarcerated) Climate Change Expert (John C. Beale)  who claimed he was working in Pakistan for the CIA so he could avoid his daytime job at the EPA, […]

EPA is into some serious … regulation enforcement

From Open The Books  Oversight Report on the EPA: (pg 17) CASE STUDY: TENS OF MILLIONS OF DOLLARS SPENT ON MILITARY-STYLE WEAPONRY, GUARD SERVICES, AND HOMELAND SECURITY EXERCISES Outfitting the 200 ‘Special Agents’ of the EPA to protect the environment and investigate enviro-crime is a costly endeavor. Disclosed EPA spending shows that the agents have […]

Acting, reacting and over-reacting

EPA BANS ARGON!   People, people, people. Settle down. Look closely at what they are doing:!docketDetail;D=EPA-HQ-OPP-2014-0558 Summary: EPA is providing a list of inert ingredients to the public which the Agency believes are no longer used in registered pesticide products. This notice solicits comment on the proposed list of ingredients to be removed from […]

EPA vs Andy Johnson, Typical Government Agency Overreach?

This article from the Tri-State Livestock News does a good job of laying out the information in a simple, balanced manner.   Water fight: EPA threatens fines for family’s stock dam   The spillway for Andy Johnson’s dam says, “In God we trust” on one side, and “United we stand,” on the other. Four […]