I am one of those consarned dagnabbed idiot climate deniers … and damn proud of it.

Actually, I do not deny that the climate changes, my position is that it has changed ever since the planet we live on coalesced out of hot dust particles and that it is going to keep on changing right up until it is again nothing but a series of hot dust particles.  (Or cold dust particles or however things turn out at the very end.)

What I am against is the over-hyped, continual repetition of the party-line propaganda and those who demand that if anyone disagrees they should be ridiculed, ignored, castigated,  denigrated, insulted, belittled, isolated, lambasted stabbed in the back and plain outright ostracized.

My position remains as it has for a number of years: AGW, global warming, human propagated climate change, whatever you want to call it or whatever is politically correct these days to call it, is nothing more than a hypothesis to explain an artifact found in the data of historical climate records.  Outside of this data, AGW or whatever, does not exist.  Until or unless someone somewhere gives solid evidence or demonstrates some method, some way other than by way of historical temperature data that this man-driven warming trend exists, I will continue to think this.  AGW, or however one wishes to refer to it, is not settled science, is not supported by a consensus and in fact HAS NEVER BEEN PROVEN TO EXIST in the real world.  In the world of data, data that can be manipulated and interpreted  anyway that a person needs in order to “demonstrate” a particular point of view, yes the trend exists.  It exists when that data is presented in a particular way, with particularly chosen start and stop points, and often with overly aggressive massaging in order to “smooth” the data or to “make it more presentable”.  Outside of that, no one anywhere has ever proven or demonstrated that it actually exists in the real world.

My concern is that when governments start taking action to implement actions to counter this unproven scenario, they may actually be doing the exact opposite of what they should.  My concern resides in the area of how much damage and how many people will have to be adversely affected before some of these proponents of a political solution to a scientific problem that does not exist will say, “Oh, gee, I guess we wuz wrong!”


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