Psoriasis has many tricks 6 28 2016 update

I am facing something of a puzzle regarding this latest Psoriasis out break.  I wrote what was happening two weeks ago here in my post about It’s BAAAAAACCCCCCKKKK.  The guttate spots that I referred to in that post are clearing up.  They have gone from the bright cherry red to more of a pumpkin color and are fading.  The skin in those spots is rough and somewhat grainy, but I think that I am going to see them clear up okay.

However, one should always remember that psoriasis has a lot of different ways of presenting itself.  If the immune system is indeed the source of the problem, then one always has to remember that one thing about the immune system is that it is adaptive.  Very adaptive.

My left elbow has had a number of  spots show up during the process of my treatment.  They were not prevented by way of my wide based anti-inflammatory approach.  This suggests to me that this patch on my elbow is not presenting in the same manner as the rest of this outbreak.  Either the source is different or the manner it which the condition propagates itself is different.

Left Elbow 1 6_28_2016

(Right click and open in another tab to view larger sersion.)

This seems to confirm to me something I have suspected for some time.  Psoriasis not just one condition which occurs or reoccurs in exactly the same way time after time.  It has many ways of presenting itself and not always from either the same or cause or by way of the same mechanism of action.  The outward appearance my be very similar or even appear the same, but unless the underlying mechanism is the same, the methodology of treating it will not be the same or to put it another way, what worked one time may very well not work a second time.

Left Elbow 2 6_28_2016

(Right click and open in another tab to view larger sersion.)

At present, I have to hope that those areas which are clearing will remain doing so and will not turn out to be resistant to my normal treatment regimen.  For now, what I intend on doing with this batch is to use something more conventional.  I have some Psoriasin Gel which is a topical creme treatment containing coal tar.  I have not used this before because a small tube like what it comes in was never enough quantity to do much good considering the large area I had to deal with. So I will apply the Coal Tar Gel twice a day or so and continue with my twice daily consumption of Omega 3-6-9, Evening Primrose Oil, 14k units of Vitamin D3, Milk Thistle, Luteolin and Quercetin with Bromelain and see how this plays out.

Anyone who claims to understand all there is to know about psoriasis is either arrogant or a fool.  Or a combination of the two.

Hopefully it will not spread nor be too stubborn to treat.  Time will tell.


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