Orlando: Deja Vu Paris

On Monday, Dec. 8, 1941 it was clear that America was in a war not of its choosing.

Sunday, June 12, 2016. One hundred killed and wounded. In an area where no guns are allowed. People with no means of self-defense what so ever. All killed because of an American citizen born of Afghan parents who declared an affiliation with ISIS.

FDR said it: “… a date which will live in infamy …”

Paris, the Charlie Hebdo attack; San Diego Bernardino, the Christmas party attack; Brussels, the airport and metro station attack; Tel Aviv, the most recent in the heart of the city;Orlando, 100 dead and wounded; Garland, the cartoon event; Fort Hood, the list is far too long and will continue indefinitely unless it is countered. Like it or not.

The attacks are not by extremists. No. They have been performed by devout Islamic believers. Not extremists, not terrorists but Believers. Believers that have been indoctrinated into something masquerading as a religion but in reality is nothing other than an operating system for barbaric raiders whose mindset remains firmly entrenched in the mid sixth century. Mohamed was a caravan raider; a murder, rapist and slaver. Islam is simply the pretext to justify all that he did and to justify all that his followers do and will do.

Adams said it about muslims: “We ought not to fight them at all unless we determine to fight them forever.” Which is all well and good. But for that to work, both sides have to agree not to fight. Both sides.

Now, America is much in the same position as that of the liberal hiking in the mountains (all dressed out in the fanciest of birkenstocks) who encounters a grizzly bear.

“Mr Grizzly bear,” says the hiker, “I respect you and all that you believe. Never would I say or do anything to disrespect you or your beliefs.”

Simply put, what the hiker believes or says or does has little to no affect over what the outcome will be. Unless the hiker has the means and the will to defend himself, whatever happens is entirely dependent upon what the grizzly chooses to do. Or not do.  Most likely all that will remain is a battered pair of Birkenstocks.

America is at war, like it or not. America is at war, choosing to fight or not fight is no longer an option. So long as America refuses to accept this notion, the more people, the more innocent, un-involved people, will die.

America is at war, but none of its leaders will admit to the fact. Right now the only question is, how many more will die needlessly before it is recognized as a simple fact? Those who follow the tenets of Islam have admitted to this for some long time now. It does no good to say to them “we will not fight you” unless they say the same.

To anyone who weeps over the deaths in Orlando, I say this: do not weep for them, they are past any pain. Weep for those yet to come. By refusing to act, you are ensuring there are more to come. Many more. Many, many more.

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