Additions to the Climate Change Dictionary 10/9/2015

New definitions to the Climate Change Dictionary.

Lemming-hood = a psychological condition inherent in some people wherein they feel they cannot survive being different from those other people around them.  These people all engage in group think, group talk and group activity.  See here for more detailed information.

Climate Lemming-hood = Lemming-hood as is co-joined to the issue of climate change.

Lemming rushClimate Lemming-crit = Individuals who demand adherence to the Climate change Credo, but refuse to apply any limitations to themselves.  See Leonardo diCaprio, Al Gore and any others who fly to the most recent climate meetings.

Climate Lemming Logic = 97% percent think the way we do so we must be right.  (Without necessarily explaining exactly what 97% of who it may be.)  If you disagree, you are not part of the main, the elite, those in the “know”.

Climate Lemming-Lysenkoism = the science is settled so therefore no one should dispute it and those who try should be punished for daring to disagree.  See the Rico 20 for details.

Climate Lemming Troll(s) = individual(s) who take up space and waste most everyone’s time by placing comments / posts on websites which reflect the mantra of Lemming-hood that rarely include any new information, merely repeating what was said in the 999 earlier posts or comments made under the same name in slightly different format all the while pretending not to understand the most basic aspect of whatever the original topic was.




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