The denigration of Anthropogenesis

AGW.  Anthropogenic Global Warming.  ACC.  Anthropogenic Climate Change.  Anthropogenic ANYTHING.  I have discovered it is interesting to look up the word Anthropogenic on the web and see what you find.

Now, to me, based around the portion ANTHROPO, I would expect it to mean to be related to human or humans.  After all, Anthropology is the study of humans.  Merriam-Webster def: the study of human races, origins, societies, and cultures.

Considering the remainder of the word, genic one would think of Genesis, or beginnings or source. The study of human origins or beginnings. If you look here: you see a list of sources which give anthropogenesis or anthropogeny as the study of the origins of man or of man’s development.

As an alternative,  one would think Anthropogenic could also be human caused or human sourced.  You, (or at least I), might think that agriculture is an anthropogenic activity, football is an anthropogenic sport, airplanes are an anthropogenic invention.  In other words, just a simple world which relates an object or activity to its human source.


which is about the only place I have been able to find a source or origin of the word:

Etymology references
Online Etymology:

First use: 1889

Origin: anthropogeny (1839), from Greek *anthropogeneia, from anthropogenes “born of man”, from “anthropo-” + genes.

Now we come to today.  Look up the definition of anthropogenic.  (I’ll give you a few starter links:)


1. caused or produced by humans:

anthropogenic air pollution.

Definition of ANTHROPOGENIC:

 of, relating to, or resulting from the influence of human beings on nature <anthropogenic pollutants>

This one is interesting enough I will include it all:

Anthropogenic is an adjective that describes changes in nature made by people. If your town has rerouted water from the river for drinking water, that is an anthropogenic activity.

Whenever you see the word root anthro, you can bet there’s a person involved, and anthropogenic is a particularly good example. From the Greek anthropogenes, meaning “born of man,” anthropogenic can refer to any changes in nature that are caused by people — like the existence of roads or cities where once there were forests. Most often, you will hear anthropogenic as an adjective describing pollution — such as the anthropogenic causes of the hole in the ozone layer.


The definition of anthropogenic is something that is made by humans.

An example of something that could be considered anthropogenic are excessive greenhouse gasses.

Definition of anthropogenic in English:


(Chiefly of environmental pollution and pollutants) originating in human activity: anthropogenic emissions of sulfur dioxide


Go anywhere on the web and look at the usage of anthropogenic.  The word itself is harmless, it simply means from a human source or the study of human origins, yet look at how it is used, over and over.  I do not think I am overstating things when I say that connotation of the word is: anything bad that humans do is anthropogenic:  Anthropogenic pollution, anthropogenic climate change, anthropogenic global warming, anthropogenic carbon dioxide.

(From anthropogenic in Science:


Caused or influenced by humans. Anthropogenic carbon dioxide is that portion of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere that is produced directly by human activities, such as the burning of fossil fuels, rather than by such processes as respiration and decay.

Now come on, is Carbon dioxide produced by humans the only reference to the use of the word in science that the web page could come up with?  Medicine is anthropogenic; after all, how many Polar Bears do you see treating patients?  Physics is anthropogenic;  after all, you don’t see many beavers debating Relativity, now do we?

But no.

Nothing nearly so neutral.  Anthropogenic seems to only be attached to the bad things humans are responsible (or supposedly responsible) for.  Below is the top couple of items that show when anthropogenic is searched by bing.  I am sure it is  similar using Google or whatever else a person chooses:

bing search anthropogenic

(Right click and open in new tab for a more readable version of above.)

So given this perception of the word anthropogenic, is there any wonder that anything so labeled is prejudiced from the very start?  Anthropogenic has become weighted against human activity of most any kind, so when it is used as a part of any label in any terminology, neutrality about the issue is gone with the wind.   Whatever the human activity, it is bad, bad, bad and humans need to feel bad about participating in it.  We are talking, here, about a sense of total racial (by this I mean human race) inadequacy which if present in a single individual would probably be diagnosed as a lack of any sense of self-worth.  I do not know what you would call it when presented as a symptom of the entire human race.

This idea that no matter what the human race does, it is wrong when compared to the way nature does it, is at the very most basic, what global warming all about.  If you look at the very basics of the issue, it is nature that is either warming or cooling the atmosphere and the environment that is the complete earth, but because a small component has been identified as being contributed by the human race, i.e. CO2 as produced by fossil fuels, it has now become an evil thing done by humans to the pure perfection of nature.  Anything now defined as anthropogenic is automatically evil.

Science does not enter into the issue at all, any more.  It has moved over to become entirely a semantics issue.  A semantics issue that is now embedded very deeply into the psyche  of almost every one.






2 thoughts on “The denigration of Anthropogenesis

  1. Good points.

    As I read your post, it occurred to me that the entire “climate scare” hoax is indeed man-made, or anthropogenic. First, you have the false science, or “anthropogenic” science, since it is “made up” (created by man), and doesn’t really happen. Then you have the tampering with historical temperature data, producing “anthropogenic” (man-made) adjustments.

    So, “AGW” exists only as a hoax concocted by humans!


    • Let’s face it, the climate scare has always been more about how to make money than it has been about science or truth, for the big players that is: Greenpeace, NRDC (National resources defense council), Earth First, Friends of the Earth and so on. Most of these organizations have more operating funds than a lot of the third world countries do.

      4/19/15 Edited to add:
      Check this link out for a lot of very good info on the inter-dealings of the Environmental NGOs. It is sickening to read when you consider that their supposed goal is protection of the environment.

      This I can understand to some extent, where there is money to be made, people will find ways to make it. When it comes to con artists, they have been around as long as there has been money.

      What I don’t understand is why the average person puts up with it. The only real reason I can find is that most ordinary people do not wish to be seen as “anti-nature”. I think if there were a way of turning things around so that people could see most of these “environmentalist” are actually more anti-nature than anyone else, things might be able to be changed.

      Well, it is a hope anyway. Otherwise it is just a slow slide into humanity’s suicide endeavor. Wind turbines and Solar Cells don’t like cold, snow and ice. We are due for a return to much colder weather, but by the time it is realized what a mistake this “sustainable” technology is , it will be too late for a fair number of people. Not the AL Gores and the Leonardo Dicaprios of course. The loudmouths who pushed this will survive just fine, it will be the ordinary Joes and Jills who will pay the price.


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