Additions to Climate Change Dictionary

I have added the following items to the Climate Dictionary :

Nazca Lines Desecration = An “Activist Stunt” promulgated through the arrogance of Greenpeace whose members, in effect, defecated upon a site that is a national treasure of the peoples of the nation of Peru and the world.

Greenpeace = An eco-terrorist organization whose demonstrable desire to aid in the greening of the environment is both secondary and in direct inverse proportion to the desire for the greening of their bank accounts.  As for peace, see illustration.



Gruberization = The fostering of the impractical and unwanted upon the unwilling as proposed by a theoretical expert who lacks both common sense and any grounding in reality, normally to the benefit of said expert’s bank account at the detriment to the bank accounts of those so affected.

12/13/2014 edited to include the following rule and corollary :

Rule no.5 Every year is a hotter year than any year previously unless the year is much hotter than any year previous except if that it should happen to be only a little hotter than one or two previously in which the year is not hotter but previous years are shown to be cooler and if the year in question is actually cooler, then previous years are to be found to actually be cooler than what they were reported which makes the year in question warmer and actually should be considered to be a record warm year when reported upon.

1st Corollary to rule no.5 Margins of error should be considered as advisory only and thus should not reflect adversely upon the accuracy of the data where hotter years are to be determined nor should the margin of error reflect adversely upon the accuracy of the data if the need arises to demonstrate increases in temperature to the fourth or fifth decimal place when the placement of the year as is reported to be a record high temperature year.



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