Perception versus reality

When the Warming Alarmistas clamor about how CO2 MUST BE REDUCED in order to save the world, they are talking as if the factors which control the environment were something as simple as this:   when in reality those factors should be considered to be something more like this:   Certainly, CO2 has some input […]

Additions to Climate Change Dictionary

I have added the following items to the Climate Dictionary : Nazca Lines Desecration = An “Activist Stunt” promulgated through the arrogance of Greenpeace whose members, in effect, defecated upon a site that is a national treasure of the peoples of the nation of Peru and the world. Greenpeace = An eco-terrorist organization whose demonstrable […]


Is it not sad that zealotry can destroy in an instant what belief and faith have preserved for millennia? Remember that quote from Paul Watson of Greenpeace:  “It doesn’t matter what is true, it only matters what people believe is true.” Perhaps what he should have thought about is: “It is the certainty that they […]

Another Localized Chart about warming temps

There is such an uproar about 2014 being a hot year.  Well, we’ll see, but I don’t really think so. I have put together a chart that uses data from NCDIC and RSS for the Continental US.  The data I have is both anomaly data, with the RSS downloaded from here: I just set […]

A couple of graphs to show an absence of global warming locally, updated 12/3/2014

I have added data for Nov 2014.  Correction made on 12/4/2014.  Used 2013 data … oops!   I decided to do a little comparison graphing. The first one  uses COOP data — Gillette 9 ese — from here: which is data from 1902 thru 2013. I compared that data to data gotten from Weather […]