A pet Peeve >>> “Let the Federal Government Pay For It!”

Yep.  I have to plead guilty to it. I have things that piss me off.  I have pet peeves.


This is one of those things that Irritate the hell out of me. It is right up there with those who crow about the big tax refund: “Look at all the Money I got back!”  as if it were some sort of give away money they had laying around.  (A tax refund is just that: your money that the government held for up to one full year that it graciously (or perhaps not so graciously) is returning to you.)


“Let the Federal Government Pay for this if they want it so bad!”


Uh, people, look around.  Who is the Federal Government?


(Pssst.  We is.)


The Federal Government is not a separate entity with a separate source of funding.  Anything the Federal Government spends money on came out of our pockets.  The only money the Federal Government receives comes from us, “We the People …”


Subsidies for Health care?  Reimbursements to the insurance companies for losing money on Obamacare?  Subsidies for “green” projects, windfarms, solar power stations, tidal power and the like?  Healthcare and Schooling for illegal aliens?

Yep.  All out of your pocket, my pocket, everyone’s pocket.

Anything and everything the Government spends money on comes out of the pocket of the taxpayer.  Those overnight wing-ding trips for some sort of special training?  Your pocket and mine.  Obama’s time on the Golf course?  Your pocket and mine.  The guards for Obama while he is on the golf course?  Your pocket and mine.  The salary of that clown at the EPA that spent up to six hours every day downloading and watching porn on his government provided computer?  Your pocket and mine.  The EPA employee who worked from home and did no work while collecting a salary?  Your pocket and mine.

The question should not be whether or not the Federal government should pay for something, the question should be whether or not are we willing to pay for it it.  Ultimately we are the ones who fund whatever it is.


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