Acting, reacting and over-reacting



People, people, people. Settle down. Look closely at what they are doing:!docketDetail;D=EPA-HQ-OPP-2014-0558

EPA is providing a list of inert ingredients to the public which the Agency believes are no longer used in registered pesticide products. This notice solicits comment on the proposed list of ingredients to be removed from the list of approved inert ingredients the Agency currently maintains

It is a house-keeping sort of thing. It is not anything to getting one’s panties in a twist over. They are banning nothing.

Read, people, read.

They are removing items from the list of approved inert ingredients for pesticides.

If anything this is a “got’cha” attempt. They want all sorts of people to overreact, then they can say “Got ‘cha!”


The list is an outdated one.  It has accumulated all sorts of things on it that are probably no longer applicable.  It should contain items which are appropriate for the the production of pesticides.  In this case they are not doing anything nefarious.


Updated 10/29/2014 @11:59

Look, they maintain a list of ingredients which are approved to be within the product specified.  As long as all the compounds in the product under consideration is concerned is on that list, then nothing needs to be done.  It is approved to be in that application.  However, it contains something that is not on the list, then that substance has to be demonstrated to be appropriate and if it is hazardous, it needs to be known about and MSDS information be made available.  All they are doing is going through to take a look at items on the list which seem not to be used any more.

Relax, this is not a men in black plot to take over the world.


I am not with the EPA.  Hell, I ridicule them all the time.  But let it be over something worthwhile, dammit!


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