… and to a voting machine near you

Calibration error my ass!

First Illinois.  Now Maryland.  Where next?


Remember what Stalin had to say on the issue:

“Those who cast the votes decide nothing. Those who count the votes decide everything.”

Edited on 10/27/2014 @ 19:45

Okay.  After doing some looking, I found this site:


So, it seems some of the touch screen voting machines are utterly worthless when it comes down to brass tacks.  Perhaps it is a calibration error, but I still reserve judgement.  Bottom line, if they are this worthless, who is to say they aren’t worthless for a reason. There is no way to track how someone voted on one of these.  Fill in your own gaps.

Added 10/28/2014 @ 13:07

From the Bradblog site: >>> Historically, over the past decade since we’ve been covering it (and related issues), this issue has occurred far more often for Democratic voters seeing their votes flip to Republicans. Nonetheless, the opposite phenomenon (as well the scenario involving third party or independent candidates) is not entirely uncommon. And, in all cases, voters should be concerned, election officials should be embarrassed and elected officials who continue to allow the use of these unverifiable secret vote-counting systems — antithetical to American democracy and public elections as they are — should beg forgiveness from their constituents, rather than begging for more money and more unverifiable votes.<<<

>>>Whether the problem was simply a calibration issue is hard to know for certain. (Here’s video of an election official in West Virginia explaining how touch-screens need to be recalibrated from time to time, only to see votes flip again on the same machine even after he’s recalibrated it.) <<<

>>>The 100% unverifiable touch-screens used in Cook County are made by Sequoia Voting Systems which, like Diebold, was also sold off to another e-voting company. In fact, both Diebold (once run by a rightwinger who promised to help “Ohio deliver its electoral votes to” George W. Bush in 2004) and Sequoia (spun off from parent company Smartmatic, a Venezuelan firm once tied to Hugo Chavez) have now both been sold off to a Canadian-based firm named Dominion Voting.

Before the sale, Sequoia’s then CEO Jack Blaine had lied to Cook County officials about the fact that, as The BRAD BLOG revealed exclusively in 2008, the Venezuelan parent company actually owned the intellectual property rights to those systems. As we revealed after Sequoia was sold to Dominion, the Venezuelan firm still controls those IP rights.<<<

>>>Why worry?

In both of these cases, whether they involved possible “voter error”, as described in Republican Collin County, TX or a calibration problem, as claimed in Democratic Cook County, IL, it is most likely not the result of nefariousness. Here’s why that is. These systems are incredibly easy, particularly for insiders, to hack and/or flip results with very little possibility of detection. California’s Top-to-Bottom Review of both of these exact same touch-screen systems some years ago found that each — along with every other computer voting or paper-ballot computer tabulation system they tested — could be manipulated down to the tabulator level in a matter of seconds.

But touch-screen vote-flipping is usually not a sign of manipulated elections. Any inside manipulator or outside hacker would be foolish to display a flipped vote on the screen. Instead, they’d simply allow the voter to think they voted one way, but record the vote differently inside the system for a much smaller chance of being detected. Signaling to the voter that you are flipping their vote is as dumb as hacking Pac-Man onto the screen, which, yes, one computer scientist did on a Sequoia touch-screen system back in 2010.<<<

So you see, the concern should not be over the machines obviously flipping votes, the concern should be over what you do not see going on. The question remains, are the votes being tabulated, or are they being — shall we say — discarded for the results that are desired by others than those who are voting? This we do not know.

Your grocery store prints you out a receipt so you know what you bought. These voting machines should do the same so you know how you voted. However, there is nothing no where to show that your vote was indeed counted. Nothing at all.


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