Solar panels on the roof and a furnace in the basement

Note: I am working on details of a theory about a correlation between solar status and inner core heating, but it is difficult sledding to find the necessary data and to work it into something that indeed holds water.  But this is a preliminary statement of its basics.

In all of the hullabaloo about global warming / global cooling, there is an aspect that seems to me is being overlooked.  Yes the sun is the primary driver of weather here on earth, but it is not the only source for heating.

Earth’s inner core, a solid core of molten iron that has been pressured to a higher density and a different form of crystalline structure that is also at least 5000 deg C and quite likely is actually 6000 deg C.   (Call it 10800 deg F.  Surface of the sun temperature.)  Around the inner core is the molten outer core that is down around 4000 deg C.

The earth’s magnetic field is fading and fading somewhat faster than a lot of people were expecting to see. Sun spot wise, we are getting into the area of a grand minimum. With the cosmic particle theory, we are potentially looking at cooling down from two sources, reduced solar radiance and from increased cloud cover.

However, there is an area in which it seems to me that a lot of people have ignored for some time, something in which all the flap over CO2 levels, most everyone seems to be ignoring. That is the amount of heat given off by the earth’s inner core. IF (and I grant this to be a very large IF) there is a connection between inner core heating, orbital mechanics of the planetary alignment (i.e along the lines of the Landscheidt theory) which leads to reduced solar output, alterations of the sun’s magnetic fields which in turn affect sunspot numbers and the Solar Wind (especially solar wind) and the earth’s magnetic field, then I suggest the earth may be in for a far greater cooling that so far has been predicted.

It is said that the Earth is about 4 billion years old and that the heat in the inner core is from four primary sources: latent heat left from planetary creation, friction forces from expansion of the (more) solid inner core as it cools and the solid core expands, gravitational contraction of the inner core causing friction and the “sinking” of the heaviest elements which tend to contain a lot of radioactive elements and thus radioactive decay creates a lot of heat. However some do speculate that is is not enough to account for all the heat present in the inner core.

This all tends to be theoretical since it is impossible, currently, for us to get any sort of measuring device down there where this is really going on.

But to me, it seems somewhat intuitively obvious that there has to be some sort of additional energy applied. 4 Billion years is a long time for any insulating factor to hold in that much heat. (It is estimated that the inner core may be as hot as 6000 deg C. Approximately the same as the surface of the sun.)

The Earth’s magnetic field is the result of this inner core interacting with the outer core which is liquid and thus acting as a very large dynamo. This also necessitates there be a lot of current flowing. Where you have a lot of electrical current glowing, you also have a lot of eddy currents created. Eddy currents create heat. Where those eddy currents were occurring is going to determine where those “hot spots” created are going to be.

Now the magnetic field of earth is reducing. It follows that the currents which generate the mag field are thus falling. Which also means there is a good likelihood the eddy currents are falling. Heat generated by these currents are falling.

Looking that the earth it becomes a lot like an onion. You have the very center core, then an outer core that is liquid, then you have the mantle and then the crust. Above the crust you have exposed land crust and you have oceans. About this point, you have the atmosphere and all the layers of it. All of the heat in the earth, that which falls upon the surface from the sun and that which is generated / stored within the inner core has to pass through some or all of those layers to escape.

Now, AGW apologists have been trying to say that the missing heat from global warming must be going into the deep oceans.  Since the oceans cover more of the earth’s surface than exposed land and there are upwards of as many as 3 million plus undersea volcanoes, it could be very likely that a reduction of heat passing from the inner core to the surface would show up as a cooling trend in the deep ocean depths.

It is easier for the heat to be coming into the deep oceans from the core (one only has to visualize a pot setting on a stove burner) than it is for heating to be from the surface down. Granted, tidal mixing is going to move a lot of that around, but still it is easier for higher temps from the bottom to heat the bottom more so than anything else.

I tend to suspect that all the people who have been arguing about the effects of solar radiation up the earth’s temperature has been overlooking a source that also needs to be taken into account.

Admittedly, it has been long assumed that heat from the inner core has only minor contributions and to be of a steady state nature. Yet if the reduction in the magnetic field has a larger contribution through the effects of cloud cover, it is also possible that inner core heating also has a larger effect than anyone has assumed.

Regardless, in any discussion of the heating effects of the atmosphere, it has to be noted that because of heat coming from the inner core, radiation outwards from the atmosphere has to be greater than the inward radiance coming from the sun. Otherwise the heat from the inner core would remain and eventually the heating would be enough to turn things very crispy and toasty.

My only point is everyone talks about solar heating in regards to the atmosphere. It needs to be reflected upon that there is also a furnace in the basement.


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