Ethos of Green, Pathos of the Environment and Logos of Action

The Ethos of Green is driven by the Pathos of the Environment and limits the Logos of Action. Whew! Is that a mouthful or what? To understand this statement, let us start with some definitions. These definitions are directed toward usages on which the above statement is derived. Ethos: Ethos refers to the ethical appeal […]

Solar panels on the roof and a furnace in the basement

Note: I am working on details of a theory about a correlation between solar status and inner core heating, but it is difficult sledding to find the necessary data and to work it into something that indeed holds water.  But this is a preliminary statement of its basics. In all of the hullabaloo about global […]

EPA vs Andy Johnson, Typical Government Agency Overreach?

This article from the Tri-State Livestock News does a good job of laying out the information in a simple, balanced manner.   Water fight: EPA threatens fines for family’s stock dam   The spillway for Andy Johnson’s dam says, “In God we trust” on one side, and “United we stand,” on the other. Four […]

Why I distrust using data only to prove a point.

In the global warming fiasco wars, there is so cotton picking much emphasis placed on trends. Headlines yell about how the temperature these days is so much warmer and how if this keeps up we are all gonna fry. Let me see if I can show you why I am so skeptical of these claims. […]

My position on Global Warming

What is my position in the Anthropogenic Global Warming, i.e Human Driven Climate Change wars? First of all I hold the position that AGW (or HDCC) is nothing more than a hypothesis to explain a data artifact found in the historical weather records.  Let me repeat that: I believe it is nothing more than a hypothesis. […]

A Global Warming / Cooling Challenge

I am a relative newcomer to the arena of what is now called “Climate change” or AGW or “No, it’s global cooling, fool” or “We’re all gonna FRY!” I have more than a few years in bashing computers, my first program was written in Fortran and entered into the computer via punch cards. (Off the […]