The Hubris of Politicians: Brexit et. al.

It is said that “Those whom the gods would destroy, they first make mad.” For politicians, the gods utilize a different method.  First, they make them arrogant.  Then they give them leave to start believing their own press releases. The greatest fatal error any politician or celebrity can achieve is to start believing that what […]

Repost of image from WUWT John B Toronto

This is a repost of the graph image from John B from Toronto that is on the WUWT website.  Link: An interesting and unique graph that ties ENSO, global temperature and other climate variables together I hope I do not offend anyone by reposting it here in a way that makes it some what more easily […]

It’s BAAAAAACCCCCCKKKK. Psoriasis update 6/15/2016

As I have said  before I dislike it when someone talks about a certain treatment for a condition, then never tells how it turned out.  So here is another update. Again, it has started out as guttate with some of the red spots developing a small plaque.  So far the biggest is about as big […]